The Best Treatment for Sciatic Pain


treatment for sciatica painSciatica nerve pain is caused by a combination of pressure and inflammation on the nerve root. Several treatments can relieve these factors. Most of these treatments are fairly easy and non-invasive, although surgery may be needed in cases where the spinal column or cord has already been damaged.

The most common way that sciatica pain is treated is with pain killers.  These types of drugs are non-steroid anti-inflammatory muscle relaxers.  Opiate-based painkillers are only used as a last resort because of their high risk of addiction.  

Health care providers are also recommending daily exercise to alleviate sciatica pain.  By stretching and strengthening back and leg muscles associated with sciatica, you can ease the pressure on the sciatica nerve.  

But the best treatment for sciatica pain is changing certain habits within your lifestyle to prevent or alleviate sciatica symptoms. 

Simply by changing your posture, you can alleviate sciatica pain and back injuries

Bad posture could be putting a lot of extra stress on your spine, disks, muscles, ligaments, joints, and nerves.  When you’re sitting, make sure that you’re not slouching.  You should not be leaning too far back or sitting too straight.  

You also don’t want your head to be too far forward.  The human head weighs about 15 pounds.  If it isn’t properly supported by your neck, you’re causing an excessive amount of strain on your muscles, ligaments, disks, and spine.  

It is important to have good back support as well.  Use a chair that offers your back support.  To ensure that you are not sitting too long, take breaks every thirty to sixty minutes. 


Take a look at how you’re standing

Are you standing and pushing your pelvis forward or backward?  Are you letting your shoulders hang forward?  They way that you stand can also affect your sciatica nerve.  In order to avoid common sciatica symptoms, try to avoid standing for prolonged periods of time.  Make sure that you’re standing up straight and keep your feet slightly apart.  If you’re not sure that you are standing straight, look at the position of your shoulders.  Are they in alignment with your ears?  Is your chin parallel to the ground?  If not, you know that you’re not standing straight. 

Posture matters when you’re sleeping

It is terrible for your back to lie down with a pile of pillows propping you up, or to sleep on your stomach.  You can keep your spine in proper alignment by putting a pillow under your knees to keep them lightly elevated when you’re laying on your back. Put a pillow between your knees when you’re sleeping on your side.  

You should also use your pillow to keep your head straight, without allowing it to sag or allowing it to tilt your head too far up.  Plus, your pillow should be giving your neck support while you sleep on your back. 

If you’re looking for a natural treatment to sciatica pain, try improving your posture.  Proper exercise is also an extremely important part of your sciatica treatment.  Strengthen your muscles to avoid them compressing on your sciatica nerve. That way, you can alleviate or avoid sciatica symptoms altogether.  


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