The Best Kept Secret for Sciatic Pain Relief and Treatment – Sciatica Stretches and Exercises

sciatica stretches imageLet me tell you one of the best kept secrets about sciatica pain relief. For most sufferers, sciatica stretches and sciatica exercises are the gold standard for pain relief and not the prescription drugs, surgery or bed rest that is often considered first.

Why do you get Sciatica?

Remember, the reason why you get sciatica in the first place is that the sciatic nerve has been irritated or is too tight or compressed.

This can be due to whole host of reasons (link to first article), and is related to weak back or abdominal muscles, which leads to misalignment of the back and general muscle imbalance.

Best Treatment for Sciatic Pain Relief

For long term sciatica pain relief, sciatica stretches and exercises are the best way to treat and maintain a healthy back, because they address the primary reasons behind most causes of sciatica, unlike prescription drugs and surgery. 

What about Bed Rest, Prescription Drugs and Surgery for Treating Sciatica?

As far as bed rest goes, it was previously thought that staying in bed and not being active will help in healing the condition. While a day or two may be in order initially, it is now known that bed rest can actually make it worse and prolong the recovery period. 

On the other hand, powerful prescription pain killers can provide immediate relief, but they do not address the underlying causes of sciatica (link) and does nothing to ensure that you are treating the conditions that caused sciatica in the first place, nor help avoid getting sciatica again. 

Finally, surgery, while often recommended and considered, is not necessary other than for structural defects that cannot be addresses otherwise. Surgery does provide pain relief, however, it may not necessarily lead to permanent elimination of the problem which caused the pain initially and the pain may come back after some time. Studies have shown that up to 90% of all sciatica sufferers are better served by avoiding surgery as the first and second course of treatment. 

Difference between Sciatica Stretches and Sciatica Exercises 

Often sciatica stretches and exercisers are used interchangeably. They are not the same.

In my mind there is a fine distinction between stretches and exercises. 

Sciatica stretches are for creating greater flexibility of the sciatic and back muscles. 

They are ideal for immediate relief and treatment of sciatica pain and overall maintenance of the affected area so as to remain pain free. 

As a result of this increased sciatic nerve and back muscle flexibility, the irritation and compression are relieved. Thisleads to quicker pain relief. 

Sciatica stretches are meant not only for initial treatment but also for daily and continuous use to maintain the flexibility of the affected areas and a pain free lifestyle. 

Sciatica exercises are meant for strengthening the back and abdominal muscles that can lead to irritation and compression of the critical nerves and muscles, and are meant for preventing the recurrence of sciatica. 

As a result of the strengthening exercises, there is a better muscle balance in the back and a more even pressure on the back and leg muscles.

This balance and strength is a critical factor in avoiding a return of sciatica and a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Overall, the best way to manage and relieve sciatica pain is to make a daily habit of sciatica stretches and exercises. They not only provide immediate and long lasting benefits of being pain free, but most importantly allow you to take back your life from the debilitating pain of sciatica. 

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