Unconventional Alaternative Remedies for Sciatica




yogaThere are some people who believe that the body is fully capable of healing itself without a lot of invasive medical procedures or treatments. Instead, they turn to a few unconventional natural treatments in order to cure their sciatica pain and improve their symptoms.


Vitamin D


Some people use vitamin D to improve their back pain.  Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when it’s exposed to the sun. Recent studies have shown that many people who were suffering from some form of musculoskeletal disorder were deficient in vitamin D.  You can add vitamin D to your diet by taking supplements, or by simply getting more sunlight. 


Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 will also aid in the health of your bones and brain.  A lack of vitamin B12 leads to decreased muscle control, and could lead to pernicious anemia.  B12 also helps reduce the intensity and frequency of acute and chronic back pain.  By taking vitamin B12 regularly, you can help to reduce or avoid your dependency on over-the-counter sciatica pain medications.  If your system lacks vitamin B12, you can add it by consuming various meats and poultries. 




When it comes to maintaining a healthy muscular and central nervous system, you have to make sure that your body receives enough magnesium. This somewhat underappreciated mineral is actually one of the most important trace minerals in the body.  Over three hundred chemical reactions in the human body require magnesium.  If you are lacking magnesium, you can add it to your diet by eating vegetables such as carrots, beets, celery, blackberries, broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, and spinach.




We’ve all heard that exercise is vital to sciatica health in order to avoid pain and symptoms, but what about yoga?  Yoga is an activity that improves the natural flexibility and strength of the human body.  A recent study showed that people with back pain had a reduction in flare ups due to yoga’s ability to strengthen and increase overall stability. 




You could also try massage therapy as a natural treatment to sciatica pain.  Massage therapy is perfect for people who suffer from acute sciatica attacks, and for those who experience chronic bouts of lower back pain.  Plus, pregnant women who are having a tough time adjusting to their weight gain will also benefit from gentle, lower back massage.





Changing your diet (e.g. low glycemic index diet) is also a great natural way to relieve your back pain. Look specifically for an anti-inflammation diet. This type of diet focuses on avoiding foods that may be contributing to the chronic inflammation causing the pain. The diet also teaches you which foods help reduce inflammation. Some of these foods include nuts, fish, healthy fats and oils, different kinds of berries, and of course, lots of water.




For those that suffer from acute sciatica attacks, you can follow these simple self-care guidelines to reduce pain during these times. First, do not rest in bed all day or take long naps. While you should avoid overly straining your back and lifting heavy items, it is better to remain active to keep your muscles from tightening up. You can also apply hot packs to your back. Direct heat is often more affective at relieving pain than pain killers. If the pain is specifically in your lower back, apply hot and cold packs alternately.


Although it’s always best to first see your doctor when you experience sciatica pain or symptoms, it is not always necessary to fill your body with chemicals such as pain killers.  In addition to lifestyle changes such as exercise, you can turn to natural choices to alleviate sciatica symptoms. 


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