Spine Health and Quality of Life
The Link between your Spine and your Neck and Back Pain & Problems

A healthy spine is the key to an active, enjoyable and pain free lifestyle. It is the key to a better quality of life.

Problems with the spine can effect other parts of the body. The most immediate being sciatic nerve related pain or sciatica, back pain (upper and lower) and neck pain, often resulting in loss of mobility, excruciating pain and significantly reduced quality of life.

My experience with sciatica initially, followed by chronic and debilitating back pain and more recently severe neck related pain and related discomfort has provided me with insight and knowledge about the best way to not only relieve pain but also to reduce the recurrence of spine related discomfort and pain.

When I initially experienced sciatica, I did not get the right advice and treatment. After many years of suffering, I have overcome my sciatica. It has been a while since my last serious attack, though I have to be careful and ensure that I do all that is necessary to keep up with my exercise.

Recently, I nearly gave up on my back. But , I did not give in to the potent drug prescriptions, surgeons and despair. After many dead-ends and misstep's, a lot of research, trial and error, patience and perseverance, I am at a stage where I am feeling better than I had felt in a long time.

Finally, in the beginning of 2012, I woke up one early morning with excruciating pain like I had never experienced before. I almost thought I was having a heart attack. In getting medical help and being wiser, I managed the physicians and physical therapists to ensure that i received the kind of treatment i believed in and not the aggressive and medicated and invasive approach that many end up with.   

Given my experience, I have come to the conclusion, that at least for me, drugs and even some chiropractic treatment were irrelevant and prolonged the day I could move beyond them.

The best outcome for me has come from stretching and exercising the appropriate neck, back and abdominal muscles, to not only gain pain relief but also to reduce the chances for getting them again.

I hope to motivate and help you too get a leg up on chronic sciatica and back and neck pain, so you too can achieve pain relief you want, need and deserve, without drugs and surgery.

This site is dedicated to providing you and everyone else suffering from spine related pain, which we all know can be unbearable and distressing.

For me, I am now able to reduce my pain and undertake things I could not do before. While I am not completely pain free and cannot fully be active like before, I have significantly improved my well being and reduced the level of pain that I had to deal with before.

Giving you hope that you too can overcome your spine related pain for better quality of life.


N.B. I initially started this site focusing on sciatica. I am expanding this site to also include back pain and neck pain. The reason is quite simple. It stems from my growing realisation that they are all inter-related and that ensuring a healthy, strong and flexible spine is important for avoiding my history of sciatica to back pain to neck pain.

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